Alessandro Grops - Address [VOLTAGE Records] - Alessandro Grops

/ VIDEO SNIPPETS Monday, 08 May 2017 04:54

Alessandro Grops debuts on VOLTAGE Records with an amazing 3-tracker EP.

The Italian artist this time is providing some deep pumping grooves, guaranteed to bring mayhem to the dancefloor.

'Address', the second track of this EP, has 5 A.M. written all over it. It's dark, deep and heavier, thanks to the amazing bassline and the constant vocal drone that surrounds the track throughout.
Finally, 'Element' is a mood upriser, completing this truly diverse EP. Clever risers and atmospherical chords along with a killer groove this track proves Grop's talent and passion for unique music.

Alessandro Grops leaves his mark on VOLTAGE, releasing a real bomb EP that's not to be missed!

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